Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mixed Media Fun!

It's been a busy few weeks at The Little White Studio, Karen and I are eagerly preparing for our Open Studio Event this coming Friday & Saturday, as well as having another One to One Tuition Session (photos to follow in a later post), and also this morning, a fun Mixed Media Workshop with some young ladies from the local Community College.
Creating a collage on Canvas we prepared the background layers with ephemera and lots of glorious colourful acrylic paints, Indian inks and plenty of sparkle thrown in for good measure!
The girls selected a quirky image, butterfly wings and a slogan and then set about positioning them on their canvas, adding vintage lace and buttons for accent pieces.
Flourishes and notions were then stamped on the canvas for more texture, and then finishing off by painting the edges and adding their own signatures.
It was a fun, colourful workshop, which is reflected in their finished pieces, as you will see!  If you are interested in attending a similar Collage & Paint Workshop please contact Karen or I by email to discuss further, we will be holding more of this type of workshop in early January 2013.
Above are the girls with their finished work, and below are a close up of some of the finished designs... all very individual as you will see...
The first one above is what I worked on as I taught the workshop, to give the Students a theme to follow and help them interpret it into their own work, below are some of the Students finished pieces... gorgeous aren't they!!

Seeing each Students finished work is always so exciting and such an enjoyable part of the workshops for Karen and I.  Don't forget, we are having an Open Studio this coming week; Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd November from 10am till 12noon, (see our post below from 20th September for all Open Studio details, we'd love to see you there and show you around!

Monday, 15 October 2012

One to One Tuition - Part Two

The second part of our One to One Session, (another fantastic workshop), Karen was helping our Student to achieve the textures that she wanted for this piece, she had seen a similar style in an art book she possessed and didn't know where to start to acheive the look she wanted, so with Karen's expertise our Student was able to move on with this piece.  I think the photos say it all, so I'll let them do the talking this time.  But suffice to say, this is still a work in progress so we will bring you more on this one to one after the next session.

Karen and I are currently planning our next lot of workshops for the remainder of the year and into early 2013.  If you would like to visit The Little White Studio, learn more about forthcoming workshops, view artwork for sale, see what goes on at the Studio and maybe even pick up an early Christmas Gift, then why not attend our Open Studio on 2nd & 3rd November, see the previous post below dated 20th Sept. for full details on this event, we'd love to see you there... bring a friend!

Friday, 5 October 2012

One to One Tuition / Part One - Collage Background

It's been a busy week at The Little White Studios and it ended today with a fabulous one to one workshop creating texture in your collage background. Our student is currently attending some weekly sessions with Karen and I to learn how to create a collage on canvas using layering, texture, paint and drawing.
This piece is very much a work in progress as it will take several sessions to layer up the background to acheive the textured, effect that our student wants for her piece.  We began by covering the canvas with old music sheet paper and book pages, and then building up texture with Modge Podge before adding paint and then more ephemera and yet more paint.  Stamped flourishes were added to create even more texture!!
The canvas was really starting to take shape, the next step was to create an Angel as the main focus of her piece.  This was gently sketched and then filled randomly with white acrylic paint, in preparation for the angels features and more textures which will be added later.
But time got carried away with us and we had to end the creative morning, so this is still very much a work in progress, we have several sessions to go yet before this piece will be complete, however, I thought you may like to share my Students journey with her and watch her canvas develop week by week.
This is how we ended todays session, lots of lovely rich paint and texture, but still a long way to go before it resembles the finished piece she has in mind.  Check back next week to watch more of her creative journey.